Sustainable urban strategies

This book is based on academic research, conferences, lessons, professional and entrepreneurial experiences, started in 2008, just after the first global economic crisis in all sectors…

The Covid-19 is a reminder that crises are correlated with the management of our activities.

The aim is to integrate the multiple facets of sustainable development to make them applicable to human activities.

Based on an analysis of the current situation ‘Sustainable Urban Strategies, creating wealth, giving meaning’ is a diagnostic and forward-looking work to achieve a sustainable development strategy.

Two reading modes are available to the reader:

The first, through the process according to a Cartesian approach, first conceptual, then methodological and finally illustrated,
  • The second, straight to the point, ie learning by doing and experimenting with a sustainable strategy.

This book provides access to different sources with the aim of creating the conditions for dialogue and sharing experience around a subject that concerns all of us.

I hope you will find answers to your questions there…

Please do not hesitate to ask and move the dialogue forward.